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$10 Pattern Sale
$10 Pattern sale, 1/2 off, through January 31

Spring Fling and Little Baltimore Blocks are on sale this month for only $10 each plus postage.
Spring fling which measures 78 x 67 has 30 8 inch blocks. They are really simple floral, fruits, bug designs and things that would make you think of spring and not snow right now. The pattern comes with a CD, on the CD is a close up of every block.

Little Baltimore blocks are six-inch blocks that can be used in your quilt, there are 30 different designs. Baltimore wreaths, floral baskets or vases, 30 different appliqué designs to use.

Each pattern will be half off until January 31.

$10 Pattern Sale All about Rosemary and her booksQuilt Books, Cds and PatternsNew PatternsPlacing orders for books, CDs and patternsBlogMonthly free PatternsContact Me